Click on the links below to view the stationery requirements for each room.  Please note that the prices stated are for stationery from the School Office (items will be available cheaper from stationery retailers during the 'Back to School' period).  There is also a voluntary fee of $20.00 per child that is for Classroom Learning Materials  which covers photocopying of worksheets, homework sheets and other class related resources throughout the year and is payable to the School Office.  

Please note that the Dragon Maths Books used in Rooms 9, 13 & 14 will be distributed to students by school in Term 1. This is so that each child can receive the correct workbook once their maths level is established.  Therefore the $18.50 is either to be paid direct to the school office or if ordering through you will see it listed as a charge which is then passed on to school.

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Start of Year Stationery can be ordered online, from approximately December to February, through OfficeMax by going to, just search for Maungatapere Primary School, select your child's room and follow the instructions on the website.  OfficeMax stores will also have Maungatapere School stationery lists available in-store during the 'Back to School' stationery period.