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Usually held on the 4th Saturday in OCTOBER

Ag day is an annual event and important part of our school curriculum.  It helps us to embrace our rural heritage and rural surroundings. Ag day creates a great opportunity for children to learn about the responsibilities of caring for and raising a baby animal.  It is about building a relationship and developing a strong bond during this process, so children will need daily interaction with their chosen animal.

If you are not able to rear an animal, Ag Day is an opportunity for you to plan, develop and grow your own garden, plan and build your own Scarecrow or Recycled garden art project – be creative.

While Ag Day is a big commitment and a lot of hard work, it is very rewarding for the children, especially seeing them with their animal on the day.  It is also a fun way to learn something new.

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Children are able to choose to enter ONE of the following  options:   

  1. Farm animals:   Calf, lamb, goat or chicken .  All animals must have been born after the 1st of July.                                                                                                                NB: Strict criteria to enter a calf - please read entry form.

  2.  Fish-bin/SMALL contained garden:   Living Fruit & Veg, Herbs, Just Flowers or Themed categories.

  3.  Pets:   Rabbits, guinea pigs etc. Only open to animals that are used to being in a cage please.  Owners must provide animals with shade/shelter and water. Pets will have to stay in their cages for the duration of the day. No cats, dogs or horses thank you.

  4. Most Creative Pot: Open to years 0-2 only. This category encourages creativity, turning a simple ceramic pot into something colorful and interesting.

  5. Up-cycle That!:  Open to years 3 & 4 only. Take an unlikely container and re-purpose it to use as a planter box/container. The " unlikely container" will need to be refurbished as a small project.

  6. Recycled garden art: Open to years 5-8 only.  Children are to design a piece of garden art from second hand materials and build it at home.

  7.  Scarecrow: Open to years 5-8 only.  Children are to design and build a small scarecrow


In addition there are a variety of indoor exhibits completed by the children, the majority of these are done in class with some done at home. These can include decorated biscuits, clay sculptures, calendar art and miniature scenes, but vary for each class and year level.


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