Principal:                Mrs Judy Eagles

Deputy Principal:     Jnr. Syndicate - Mrs Carolyn Goodison

Deputy Principal:     Snr. Syndicate - Mr Yaron Overeem

Room 12                NE           Ms Esme Lescher
Room 10                Y1/2        Mrs Sherilyn Bennett
Room 11                Y1/2        Mr Daniel Cotton
Room 3                  Y1/2        Mrs Charlene Cliff
Room 1                  Y3/4        Mrs Carolyn Goodison - DP Junior School
Room 5                  Y3/4        Ms Tina Hodgson
Room 4                  Y3/4        Mr Scott Martin
Room 2                  Y5/6        Mrs Jodi Sparks
Room 9                  Y5/6        Mr Daniel Tissink
Room 6                  Y5/6        Miss Brooke Hepi
Room 7                  Y7/8        Mr Yaron Overeem - DP Senior School
Room 8                  Y7/8        Ms Jen Caddick
Special Programmes/Reading Recovery: Mrs Judy Jenkins
Support StaffMrs Nicole Robertson (Administration), Mrs Paula Yorke (Administration), Mrs Joanne King, Mrs Lorraine Perry, Mrs Carol Head, Ms Cassie McDougall, Mrs Marion Radich and Mrs Leanne Kemp (Library).
After School Care: Mrs Kaye Frost, Mrs Debbie Godfrey, Ms Carol Head, Mrs Lorraine Perry.
Caretaker: Mr Allan Frost

There is an active PTA which meets every second Thursday in the month. The members help raise funds, and run social and educational evenings. If you are interested in helping or joining please contact the office.
President: Mrs Hayley Taylor  Treasurer: Mrs Penny Froggatt   Secretary: Mrs Michelle Ruddell, Mrs Paula Yorke


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