About Maungatapere School
Curriculum Focus:

Over the past few years the school has reviewed the way we are teaching to ensure we are improving learning opportunities for our pupils. We teach an integrated curriculum approach which focuses on the following:
·         Meaningful learning opportunities
·         Quality teaching
·         Learning how to learn
·         Higher order thinking skills
·         Cooperative Learning Strategies
·         Confidence in ICT
We have reviewed our School Charter and vision to ensure it is consistent with the NZ Curriculum.
2017 Focus:
·     The Arts
·    School Production
·     Engaging pupils through Cooperative Learning
·    Discovery Learning and hands on activities
New Entrant:
Come along to our school and meet with the Principal and New Entrant teacher. We welcome visits to the school and classroom to see our programme in action and aid in the transition process. Discuss any concerns you may have, items your child will need, school routines etc
New Entrant Focus:
·         Commitment to small junior classes to provide quality teaching and learning in first years.
·         Teaching and learning programmes based on sound practice.
·         In class support from Teacher Aides and regular parent help.
·         Parents welcome in the classroom programme.
What you need to provide:
·         Accurate information relating to family, address and contact numbers.
·         Evidence of date of birth e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport.
·         Immunisation Certificate.
·         Morning tea, lunch that includes healthy snacks
·         A lunch box or bag to support our take home rubbish policy. Named clothing etc. so finding the owner is easy.
Maungatapere School can offer the following in Year 7 & 8:
·         A family environment.
·         Staff who know you and your child well as individuals.
·         Greater opportunity to take on leadership roles e.g. librarian, school monitors, playground leaders, running assemblies and school events.
·         Leading the school council.
·         A proven record of success from our "old pupils" at secondary level
·    Greater opportunity to represent the school in sport and cultural activities.
·         Involvement in a wide range of activities including Northland Science Fair, speech competitions, inter-school competitions, Mathex, problem solving competitions.
·         Becoming role models to over 200 other children.
·         A well balanced curriculum which focuses on responsibility, high expectations and challenging yourself.
·         A sound Technology programme provided by Mangakahia Area School.
·         The opportunity to be involved in locally run Saturday sports teams.
·     Learning support where required.
·         Extension programmes for gifted and talented.
·         Education trips, visits and overnight stays.
·         Specialist music education.
·         An opportunity to learn another language - German or French.
·         Career guidance
·         EOTC experiences
·         Good access to computers, Ipads and an Information Technology programme.
School Donations
1st Child   $70.00
2nd Child  $60.00
3rd Child   $50.00
4th Child   $40.00
5th Child + Free
Classroom Learning Materials is a fee of $20.00 per classroom/$30.00 for Room 1 and covers the cost of photocopying and worksheets throughout the year.
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